Race horses are still being slaughtered!


In 2022, a total of 2,096 horses were slaughtered in England and Ireland. 
Of those victims, more than half – 1,161 – held passports from the racing industry. 

In July 2021, BBC Panorama’s The Dark Side of Horse Racing featured Animal Aid’s exclusive undercover footage of horses, including those rejected by the racing industry, being slaughtered in England. Panorama’s researchers were also able to demonstrate that even race horses who had had prestigious careers – such as Vyta Du Roc, who had won more than £175,000 – were slaughtered for their meat.
Despite Horse Racing Ireland receiving more than 70 million euros in funding from the government, and a rule change by the British Horseracing Authority which meant that any horses running in Britain would have to be signed out of the food chain, horses from the racing industry are still ending up at the abattoir.
Horses are being failed by those who are supposed to protect them. 

Please take two minutes to fill in this message to your MP, urging the government to intervene and take action to help race horses. Thank you.

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