Urge your MP to help us ban lethal dose animal tests


Animal Aid has been campaigning against all animal experiments since we were founded in 1977. Incredibly the Lethal Dose 50% test (LD50) – one of the cruellest and most scientifically unreliable animal tests – was devised in 1927, but is still being used today! 

The LD50 involves giving groups of animals increasing doses of a substance until half of them are dead. As well as being incredibly cruel, the test does not reflect real life situations – people are not the same as other animals and do not accidentally swallow litres of substances. We’ve recently helped fund the development of a non-animal test to replace the oral LD50 and are determined to end the use of animals in all lethal dose tests.

Last year we held a Parliamentary reception for MPs; launched and handed in a petition bearing thousands of names; staged street theatre on one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets; briefed MPs; wrote to Government Ministers and spoke at the Labour party conference. We’ve even been shortlisted for a LUSH prize for public awareness for our campaign against lethal dose animal tests. Now we need your help!

We are asking people to write to their MP urging them to support our two ‘asks’ which, if supported and transferred into government policy, would see an end not only to the LD50, but to all animal experiments.

Please fill in your details and an email will be generated to your MP. We would urge you to amend the text, if you feel confident and have time, as slightly different wording is more likely to be well-received.

Thank you  

This action is only available to residents of the United Kingdom