Sign our petition to ban the shooting of birds


Every year, the shooting industry breeds around 60 million birds to be shot for ‘sport’ in the UK. Our undercover footage from some of the huge, industrial farms that mass-produce the birds catalogues the suffering and misery endured by these poor animals. It’s where factory farming meets blood sports – and it has to end.

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Ban the shooting of birds

I call on the UK government to ban the production, release and shooting of birds:

  • Each year in the UK, the shooting industry mass produces around 60 million birds, such as pheasants and partridges, many of whom come from huge, industrial factory farms, where the breeding birds and their chicks suffer.
  • The mass release of so many birds ahead of the shooting season is bad for the environment, impacting negatively on plants and other animals. Native animals are forced to compete with the birds for food and habitat.
  • Other animals, labelled ‘predators’ or ‘pests’ by the shooting industry, are attracted by the release of so many birds, and are then killed by gamekeepers.
  • The released birds are used as feathered targets, their fate to be shot out of the sky. Many are not killed outright and face a slow, excruciating and lingering death.
  • It is irresponsible to allow the mass release of millions of ‘game’ birds whilst bird flu poses such a huge risk to wild birds.
  • Killing animals for entertainment is totally immoral. Humane alternatives exist – there is no reason for the killing of living, sentient birds to continue.